Spring, sun and way too little time

With so many projects and things I want to do, it´s almost a little too much. I am officially a crochet blogger who don´t have time to blog because I have to crochet. Haha. I think I´m going to have to make different priorities so that I´, not starting a thousand projects and never finish any of them. Because this is usually what my lists look like: IMG_2805 I guess a lot of us are struggling with time and using it wisely. I don´t even have children! Maybe time is our biggest luxury problem? I keep getting amazed by the people around me being able to fit in job, hanging with friends, yoga practice, book reading, going hiking, parental meetings, getting thorough knowledge on the American presidential election, squeeze in a litte weekend trip to Paris, evening law school studies, house cleaning, having lots of amazing sex, doing their taxes, visiting the in-laws AND watching absolutely EVERYTHING on Netflix. What!!?? And after all this; having som “me-time”. All in a week. Jeez! How structured do you have to be to get everything you want to do, done? Is it such a big deal if we can´t do it all? And are we expecting too much of our selves? In my case, we can remove most of those things on the list. I don´t have children, I don´t study, I don´t work out…To me, crocheting is my my quality time 🙂 My God how meditative and great it is! That´s when I can solve all the wold problems 😉 IMG_7347 IMG_7377 I mean; just look how happy I am when Jon takes my picture while telling me a terrible joke. If it was´t for me crocheting and being happy, I definitely would´t of laughs as much! IMG_7285 Last week I went to a flee market to buy some fabric. I wanted to tes if it worked to make my own T-shirt yarn. I did´t find any large T-shirts (well..I probably could have found it. But with so many people there, screaming and shouting that they wanted to pay 10$ instead of 25$ for that sofa or that bike for free instead of 6$. Hwat is wrong with people? It´s not like they make a fortune off of this and put the huge profit away in a tax haven like Luxembourg.It´s nice to support you loka school band. And to support the many people using soon many hours arranging everything. Every single year. Anyway, I went for the first and best thing I came across; some old sheets and covers. I did´t know har to make fabric yarn so I guess I thought fabric is fabric. loppemarked It´s kind of overwhelming what, and how much, people throw away. But enough about that. That´s a whole blog post in itself….back to fabric. After I got home with all of my covers, I immediately started taring it up, making strips and started to crochet. I had a plan of making a little house for my cat. It´s going to be super cool. But I have no idea if it´ll work. That´s what´s fun 🙂 I quickly realized that crocheting with fabric is hard work. It´s seriously like a work out. Wich is great, since I don´t work out. haha. It looks pretty cool. Amazing that it can go from this: IMG_2801 To this: IMG_2780 IMG_2781 To this: IMG_2787 We´ll see how long it takes 🙂 First of all it´s very tiring for the armes. Second of all..all I really want to do is work on the project with my mother. Wait..I did´t write about that?! It+s been a while since I blogged. I am working on an amazing project with my super awesome mom. I think it´s so cool, I don´t even want to show you any teasers. It´s a HUGE job so it´s difficult to squeeze in anything other crochet. And it´s not like I have anyone disrupting me 😉 IMG_2776 You can´t see it that well, but he´s on top of my hooks and all my yarn. It´s bullet proof: if you want him to come snuggle, he won’t. If you have something you need to do and you don´t want him to come, he definitely will. He has a very unique way of knowing when the worst possible time is (he actually managed to mess with my Mac so something happened to the settings. Took me a while to fix it). We still love him. Actually, today, I got a message back from someone selling a kitten. We really want him to have a play buddy. Preferably a little girl. So hopefully we´ll have another one soon. That would be so nice 🙂  

Have a great Friday and an even greater weekend!


There´s no such thing as too much yarn!

OK. Status per today: IMG_2456 (First a picture of the granny-color fun I had tonight 🙂 )
  • I have learned a new stitch, the wave stitch.
  • I have realized that it is not smart to eat candy for breakfast and dinner (there is a battle going on in Norway a the moment, between different food chains, about who has the cheapest candy, and it´s making people go nuts).
  • I´ve started to wonder why it seems like (on Instagram) Turkish people are the ones crocheting the most in the world (I´ll have to come back to that later).
  • I have started six projects (!).
  • I have finished one of them.
  • I have googled how long you can crochet without getting pain in your arms.
  • I have been at a party.
  • I have almost enjoyed myself to death at a trip to the south of Norway.
  • I have plans of a huge project together with my mother.
  • I was given a huuuuuuuge amount of left over yarn from my sister-in-law (where is the smiley with hearts for eyes when you need it?!)
  • I have realized that it is not a good idea to have candy for breakfast and dinner (there is a battle going
I tok the bus down to the south to meet Jon last week. He left the day before, but I had to work. We were going to a birthday party. Two of our good friends turned 50 and Jon was going to be a surprise dj there. What a fun party! The theme was disco and it couldn´t have been more perfect; I love dico and I love vintage dresses from the 70s 🙂 We had so much fun, I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but I have a couple here of the dress I wore. It was the first vintage dress I bought a few years ago and I absolutely love it! Vintage1 So kind of cool, I was the only one who wore something that was actually form the 70s. IMG_2503 I only took a handful of photos and this is one one them. Jon view from the stage. We danced for hours, both being huge disco lovers. Because the party was on an island without any cars or big roads, we spent the night at Jons sister and her husbands house, only five minutes away. Perfect! The morning after, my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted some left over yarn and I was of course happy about that. I thought she was going to give me a skein or two, but she had a liiiiiiittle bit more than that…. IMG_2509 Yoo-hoo! I was super exited and happy. It was like my birthday and Christmas together. With all the yarn I already have, I won’t have to buy anything for a long, long time (hmm..long, long time..how long is that? 2 weeks?) So many plans with so little time 🙁 IMG_2515 IMG_2514 On the bus I, of course, spent my time well 🙂 IMG_2564 It´s always fun to learn new techniques. This is the wave stitch. The only thing missing now is the zipper. But that can´t be too hard to sew on right!? IMG_2571 IMG_2574 Easy and quick project (well, we´ll se after I make my go at the zipper) to do. The pattern is from my favorite magazine Inside Crochet. I have now bought a subscription for a year. So nice to just pick it up from my mail box 🙂 I have just discovered a crochet designer on Instagram that I really like. He´s called knot bad and he makes super cool stuff. I made this cute jellyfish he designed: IMG_2562 My first attempt at anything amigurumi and it was a lot more fun than I thought. You can buy the pattern here. The sun is shining, easter is right around the corner and I have enough yarn to make me happy for a long time. It does´t get much better than that 🙂

Have a great night (or day or whatever it is where you are).


A beautiful mind

In Norway we are experiencing a growing interest in knitting and crafts in general. In the weeks before Christmas, four out of ten of the best selling books in the country were knitting books, making Espen Søbye, a Norwegian philosopher, writer and non fiction critic, want to write a “book review” (the quotation is intentional).  Here he is stating that women in Norway are going backwards in time in the fight for women rights and that this trend is only feeding women´s urge to have and to make beautiful things. This is a “female community” that simply cannot exist any more. Ehh..WHAT? He also says that thinking crafts can do your mind any good, is nonsense (a couple of many very strange things he said). This ended up in debates in different medias around the country (you know  how much we love our wool and knitting in Scandinavia) and it pissed a lot of people off. Including me. After reading it, I ended up searching for cold, hard facts. And oh my did I find a lot. There is an enormous amount of research articles about this, stating that crafts can be very good for you. Both for your mental and emotional health. Well documented by doctors, psychologists and of course; the crafters them selves. It doesn’t seem like he has understood a whole lot of our world (not that I knit, but crochet is close enough). It´s on the contrary; our crafting make us more creative, more independent and more our selves. Don´t you agree? And back to the beginning: Crafts give us the possibility to create something beautiful. I have never had to deal with a depression, a huge crisis or an illness, but if I did; crocheting would be a savior. I´m sure of it! And with that in my head, this has been a good week. i have had a lot of time to crochet and I have started no less than four projects. BUT! All of them are done with yarn I already have. Or wait…I actually did buy some. Ahem…but it was only three skeins and the rest that I need, I have. I just love, love, love the combinations: IMG_2401   IMG_2405 I wasn´t sure how it would end up since I´m mixing four different yarn qualities. But it worked so well. It´s really cool with a very ordinary granny square, done with so different textures i nearly every color. IMG_2393   IMG_2395 This is a project I started this weekend, but I´m not gonna tell you what it´s going to be yet. Other than it´s NOT going to be a blanket. OOOH…exciting 😉 IMG_2387 This thread is so much thinner than the others, I had to triple it. It give a pretty cool effect. It´s mercerized cotton (from the box I posted a picture of earlier 🙂 ) IMG_2373 Today I have had a lot of time for my self. Jon´s working and the day started perfect; coffee, a lovely breakfast, crocheting and smooth music at Libeling (the coffeeshop in my building). IMG_2380 Four hours there and then straight down to Django, a cool little bare right around the corner from me, were they play live string swing almost every night. Four hours there and I feel like i´m living a proper city life 😉 Ok so this week I bought a new hood. 0,75 mm. I have no idea why I bought if because I have no idea what to use it for. I don´t have any plans. But hey..sometimes you just wanna buy a new hook, right? I´m off to grab another beer and to explain to more people that I dont´t knit..I CROCHET.  



Be my valentine

Yes! I finally finished my big blanket. Just in time for Valentines day and I´m sooo happy with it 🙂 Today, Jon and I went for a walk. The weather was great and there was such a nice light outside so I decided to bring it with me. hjerteteppe IMG_2337 The blanket ended up being a little heavy, men that´s ok, I kind of like that. I´ve written about this blanket before, when I started it, but I can tell you again that the pattern is free on Revelry and you can find it here. It´s called I love scraps afghan by designer Mary Ann Frits. It took longer than it would have if I found thicker yarn and used hook 5 mm, like in the pattern, but not easy finding one that had enough of the fresh colors I wanted. I ended up using SANDNES SMART and hook 4mm. Jon also loves it and is super happy adding another blanket to our living room.   IMG_2315 IMG_2344 IMG_2339 Sorry for spamming you, I just think it´s so beautiful to look at 🙂 So tonight it´s movie time with popcorn, a beer and a warm blanket with Valentines hearts to keep us warm. I think I´m turning a little crazy. Yesterday I was in the shower, before going to a birthday party, I started looking around seing crochet patterns and inspiration everywhere. I mean..it´s great that my brain is creative, but maybe not that good that my whole world is turning into crochet. Haha. IMG_4610   IMG_4608   IMG_4612   IMG_4613 Or maybe it´s perfect for me now because I need all the ideas I can get; Friday I picked up this package in the mail. It´s yarn from the US and I have been dying to get it. As I wrote before, I couldn’t decide which colors to get so I just went for all 50 in the series. Aren´t they beautiful?: IMG_2365 IMG_2366 Quite thin yarn, hook 1,5, and I fint that I´m drawn to that more and more. It gives you the chance to create more nuances of color and texture, more easily. I actually have to start RIGHT now. So not the longest post this time. Stay tuned 😉

Have a great Sunday evening.

Hugs to you all from me <3



Two worlds meet

Again, Jon has made a beautiful furniture. I love it when he comes up with new and cool solutions for our apartment. In addition to being an artist and a cabinetmaker (that also is a form of art in my oppinion <3), he is a DJ and he has a huge collection of old and new records. This time he´s made some sort of a cabinet for a part of it. Cool enough to begin with, but he really made my day saying that he wanted me to make it even nice. He wanted me to crochet something that would indicate what kind of music was in the differens shelves. I I was more than happy to do that. Here´s what it look like originally: IMG_2175 We have come to a conclusion that we want the doors darker than this. Too much of a contrast now, considering it´s right by the bed were you sleep. Of course Ladyboy is present. He is such a social being and so so cute 🙂 IMG_2196 IMG_2195 Kind of a special cabinet, but I like it. For me, it was´t hard to imagine what Jon was envisioning; making something in the circles of each door. And I knew exactly what I wanted. Ta-da!: IMG_2283 (The picture is a little dark and it´s kind of revealing that my bedspread is all wrinkly, but I hope you get the idea.) On the top shelf there´s bossa nova and other brasilian music, on the next disco. On the third shelf there´s all Deep Purple and on the bottom there is all kind of music. I´m going to make a blue and white circle. So not completely done yes. I´ve been waiting for the yarn with the right colors in the mailbox. IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 Just simple and improvised, but I think the result is quite funky. I used fabric glue to put them on and I think that will do the trick since they´re not heavy and we´re not going to be touching them too much. I think it´s so much fun when to worlds meet; my crochet universe and his carpenter world (I think it´s perfectly ok to refer to mine as UNIVERSE and his to WORLD..I mean; we are talking about crochet her, right!?) I have ordered 50 skeins of yarn from the US now. Thin, mercerized cotton. I couldn´t decide the colors so I just chose one of each. I have a grand master plan with them and so looking forward to starting it and to show you. That is if it works. Because I´m really not sure it will. We´ll see 😉 Meanwhile, I have just received a package from England that I was also exited for. IMG_2273Ordered it from Woolwarehouse and I am liking the cute little bag they put it in. I have always loved lots of colors together. When I was little, sometimes I would come home with paint color samples and glue them in to my diary and then trying to create the same colors with my crayons (I knew were the paint store was :-)). Also, in my books from school, I tried to put as much color and scribble in there as I could. I think I might still have some of them in the attic. Have to go looking for them. And I´ve noticed that when ever I´m online looking for inspiration for new projects, the photos that have the most or the brightest colors, are the ones that draw my attention. It does´t necessary meant that´s what I´m going to make next, it just makes me happy to look at. woolwarehouse I now have like 5 or 6 projects I´m working on at the same time and I really need to be careful so I don´t end up finishing none of them. Thy are both big and small, but some days (meaning nights since I have a full time job), I just can´t decide what to work on. So I end up just making tiny things like these leafs. IMG_2280 I like it because they end up everywhere. All of a sudden I find one in my purse getting my keys. Or a little flower in my spice rack. Put there because I had a quick clean up in the kitchen. It might be a small granny square in my lap top case or a cute bird in my office. Oh the joy! maybe you´re the same?

Have a great week everyone.


Vott ever..

Vott meaning mitten in Norwegian. Pun intended 😉 I have now spent an awful lot of time with only little result. Well, actually I´m pretty happy about it. It just took forever. I started on a couple of mittens that are amazing. I found the pattern in my new favorite magazine, Inside Crochet. issue number 58. The whole yarn deal isn´t always easy figuring out, so I just assumed that som yarn that I had would do the trick. I mean, I wanted to run home from work and start right away. I did´t have time to order the yarn that was used in the pattern, from England. So I just started and I figured out WAY too late that something was off. The mitten had become VERY long and it was all wrong. Not like the picture at all. At first I thought i was the yarn, SISU by Sandnes. That it was too thick or something. Very frustrating when you spent so much time. It looked like this: 0-8.html It took so long for me to notice because I still thought it looked kind of cool. I couldn´t figure out what was wrong. UNTIL… I started thinking there was something in the pattern. Earlier I have, totally random, only worked American patterns. This was my first British English pattern and after googling a little, I found out that the two are different. It would have been another thing if they had completely different terms, but what I found out is that an American single crochet (sc) is called double crochet (dc) in British. How confusing is that?! Now that´s just silly, who came up with that? But I guess it was a lesson learned. I will, in the future, always check carefully were I have found the pattern. So I have now updated the toolbar DICTIONARY (before it was only translated according to the American terminology) so now you see both. That is if you ever find a Norwegian pattern you want to try 🙂 So my next step was to order the yarn from England. It came after a week and at first sight I loved it. Beautiful colors and so soft. 0-20.html 0-21.html From Artesano and you can buy it here. 0-23.html Quite expensive, but it seemed worth it. But then.. I have never used yarn that is spun that way (or what ever it´s called when it is long like that). The yarn here in Norway always look like this: IMG_1800 I tried to be very careful when I “opened” it and hung it over a rack to get started. But there is clearly something smart I have to do that I don´t know about, maybe buy a ball winder, but it ended up like this: IMG_2080 I spent 5 hours untangling each of the two skeins 🙁 10 HOURS!! My God how boring. But it was expensive, I was inpatient, I had the time plus I did´t think it would take that long so I ended up doing it. I guess most people would throw it away after a little while. But finally…it was going to be right! And it did turn out nice. Once in a ball, I really loved the yarn. So I´m almost finished with another one and then I notice again that something is off. It was too long this time too. WHAT!? For some very, very strange reason I had (maybe I was drunk) started doing a single crochet with an extra yarn over and through one loop too many. How is that possible. I´ve made sooo many things doing just sc so I must have been crazy the moment I started it. Maybe it was the whole American English-confusion. Pretty tired of messing it up. IMG_2160 IMG_2162 They still look ok, but I would love to actually wear them and that won’t be possible now, being that long. But again; I loved to crochet with the Artesano yarn. OK! Let´s try a fourth time! But this time I was kind of tired of that pattern so i had to try something else. Even undoing them (what is that called?) takes a lot of time, so I just started with the original blue and grey yarn I had. I´ll just make some more mittens after I see that I can actually do it. I don´t know how to knit, but I used a fantastic Norwegian knit book called “Den store votteboka” (meaning the big book of mittens) by Jorid Linvik. It will actually be published i America some time in 2016. I drew the pattern from her mitten into the pattern I already had. Had to be kind of creative, but I´m happy with it. Now all I need is a thumb and then I´m done with a mitten I´m actually happy with. Yoo-hoo! IMG_2113I have a feeling that it takes A LOT less time to knit mittens (you know, besides my mess ups). Very time consuming, but so rewarding. IMG_2157 Elefantvott If you want to try making them you can download Inside Crochet issue 58 at www.pocketmags.com. You just create a profile (for free) and this particular issue is actually free. The elephant pattern is in the Norwegian book, but you can buy her patterns separately on her website: Jorids mønsterbutikk. So this has pretty much taken up all my time lately. But I did have time to cut my hair. A lot. This is before and after: IMG_4432 Hår 1 My hairdressers photos. I love her! Her name is Claudia Nunez and you can check out her Instagram if you want: claudia.nunez_frisør. I might not like the whole sixties housewife-look my self, but it looks kind of cool in the picture. Haha actually like a doll. Even if it took forever, I have still learned a lesson. The hard way. Let´s just hope I have better luck with the next pattern I find 😉

Have a wonderful evening my lovely crocheters <3



Cold, cold, cold

I´ve had a lot of crochet time this week, but it was for no good because everything was ALL wrong. I was going to post it to ask you if you could help me figuring out what I had done wrong, but I think I might of done that myself. And I think the result will be so pretty so I´ll wait. Try some more. I have also been working on my three other large projects that are not finished. I have to use more of the yarn I already have, instead of keep bying new, but isn´t that alway the case?! I finally looks like winter outside and it´s so pretty. But it´s cold and that´s when you need some nice slippers to keep you warm. This weekend I made these super slippers.IMG_4306 IMG_4307 Here´s what you do: Round 1: buy a huge skein of yarn Round 2: put them on your feet Perfect result..every time 😉 I have never understood peoples love of magazines. I have never bought one or been interested. Not even at the hairdressers. But for the first time I have found one that I absolutely LOVE! I now understand. It´s called Inside Crochet and it´s beautiful. When I bought it I couldn´t wait to get home and snuggle up in the couch with a cup of tea og coffee and start reading. It has great patterns and is so inspiring. Can´t think of a better weekend than this: IMG_4317 IMG_4314 IMG_4320 This is the yarn I bought in Ireland. It turned out to be a pretty cool yarn ball. IMG_4325 Tonight I am starting a small project for Jon. How great that he wants me to help him and that he likes what I do! Ok, so now I just have to wait for the yarn from England so I can start over what I was doing. Can´t wait.  

Have a great night 🙂


Think Mexico

OK…many gifts poorer, even more gifts richer, a litte heavier, a lot more sleepy and with a huge and happy “family dose” within, Christmas is over. It has been just as magical and nice as I had hoped. On the last day of work before the holiday, I gave my dear colleague, that I share office with, a Christmas present. It´s a litte tit 🙂 IMG_1907 A litte bit harder than I thought, but I think it´s really cute. The pattern is from this Swedish  blog. Lots of pictures, but I´m sure there are English patterns some were if you google it. The holiday has started and it feels sooo good. Ever since I was 9 and my parents got divorced, we have celebrate two Christmas eves. In Norway everything happens on Christmas eve. The food and the presents and all. We usually don´t do anything on Christmas day. So we have a full day of family, the traditional dinner and opening presents with my fathers family on the 23rd and then do it all over again on the 24th with my mothers side of the family. Works for us 🙂 But the pile of gifts is growing each year and I think something has to be done soon. It takes so long to open them; I almost fall asleep. But not quite…I mean..I have to crochet.And I´m not the only one in the family. IMG_1919 By the look of this; next year we should put the tree under the gifts and not the other way around 😉  This is from my mothers house. We were with my family this year so that means Jon´s family next year. Most of them live in the south of Norway, about 3,5 hours from Oslo. On a very beautiful, small island were Jon grew up, called Borøya (Tvedestrand). We got to be there a couple of days this year too. IMG_1926 IMG_1927 It´s a very beautiful place and just in time of our arrival, a little snow had fallen. IMG_1957 It+s always so relaxing to be there and I love my in-laws 🙂 I can find a lot of inspiration being there, but this time I relaxed so much I forgot to take pictures of their amazing and colorful house. All, next time. We brought Ladyboy with us (I jump a little every time I actually see his name..haha what have we done?) and he was perfectly fine with that: IMG_1935 I also love being there because you can find treasures like this: IMG_1958 IMG_1959 Must be pretty new 😉 When we god home I wanted to do a cactus. I really don´t have green fingers at all so any plant I bring home dies 🙁 In our wedding we were given an olive tree. I read the litte book that came with it that it could live up to 500 years. 500 YEARS!….it was dead within two months. Hmmm. I now get that I have to make plants and greens out of yarn 🙂 But we were going to a party  with som friends so it just had to come with me: IMG_1980 IMG_1989 IMG_1985   IMG_1992 And here is my finished cactus: IMG_2009 IMG_2010I could´t find a pattern I liked, so I just made one using just sc and some fiber fill (plus a couple of dc´s in the little bend) and then a little flower on top. So let´s all close our eyes and think we´re in Mexico 🙂

Happy new year and adios!


Things take time

This week, Jon gave me roses. You kind of forget how nice that is (we should be better at doing that!) <3 Nice to have som fresh flowers here when I had people over Saturday for a Christmas workshop. I have also been to several Christmas parties, been shopping for more yarn, even if I said to myself I would´t, bought som presents, decorated our “Christmas-palm-tree”  and I have been just as stressed as you´re supposed to be at this time 🙂 IMG_1759 IMG_1773 Right after this picture was taken, he felt like tipping the whole vase over, spilling water everywhere. Thought I´d just show you the idyllic one 😉 Rosekatt The Christmas workshop was a success.IMG_1812 I have to admit, that having 19 people  over in our 775sf apartment, is pushing it. But you make it work. Everyone is ok with sitting closely (hopefully). I got to do a little bit of crochet, but being a hostess serving first porridge and then dinner, takes up much of your time. We all got the Christmas spirit and had a great time and that´s the most important thing. I have to show you my silly, ugly Christmas sweater as well: Juleverksted2 Next to me is one of my best friends, Erle, in a bit more classy Christmas sweater. Any person with self-respect should own an ugly Christmas sweater 😉 I now see that I´m not going to be finished with almost any of the crocheted presents I was planning on doing. So I´m taking that wisdom in to the new year and start next years presents in January. Stupid of me to even think I would be able to do much in December when you have SO many other things. Here is a sneak peek on som of this years presents: IMG_1889 IMG_1885 IMG_1886 IMG_1890 I really wanted to buy a really nice and expensive big, fake Christmas tree this year (for those of you who hate fake trees; sorry!), but none of the ones I fund looked good enough. So I ended up decorating one of the plants in our little “jungle” in the corner of the living room. IMG_1891 IMG_1892 IMG_1895 I hope you all have a magical Christmas and that you are able to crochet, knit, make Christmas cards, or what ever creative thing you do, as much as you want 🙂


Crocodile stiches

We got a new piece of furniture the other day. Jon made it and it´s amazing! It´s a liquor cabinet, but also a place to keep one of out many record players. I´m so impressed of how creative and good he is, because I see how much time and effort it takes. Before Jon, I thought that everything just came out of a conveyor like with IKEA (not that IKEA´s not great, I love IKEA) and that everything was cheep. Now I really appreciate fine craftsmanship.



A difficult piece to photograph because there are so many things going on, but I hope you get the idea.


We like the sound of records and play a lot of music.

BarskapSorry for the spam of pics, I just think it´s so cool.  There are mirrors inside of the cabinet and a remote so you can change the color of the light. Wow..I realize now how tacky it is. haha. But tacky is fun!

This past week I´ve been working on making pine cones.



It´s done with crocodile stitches that I just learned. There are so many things you can use that stitch for so I´m exited to use it more. I wanted to do the pine cone in a natural color like brown, but I have to use yarn that I already have (proud of my self for not bying anything). This is purple mercerized cotton and I used hook number 1,5, so pretty small. Makes it cuter.  The purple one is nice, but the one I started with, also in mercerized cotton , is a little bit too big I think. Plus the whole pine cone was almost like a game of yarn chicken. I used one skein for it and as you see; I lost.


I have som many skeins of Muskat, so I´m still going to make more of them. Might look better if there are many of them in different colors. Tomorrow we are going to decorate the apartment for Christmas (a lot later than usual) and I´m thinking they will look cool on a tre. Or maybe just in a bowl. Have to buy som stuffing to fill tem with so they stay in shape. You can fint the English pattern here, but if you have never done or seen a crocodile stitch before, I recommend you to watch this video on YouTube first. It made it super easy to read the pattern afterwards. It´s a fun project that does´t take too long.

Monday I found a bag in my closet I had hidden away so Jon does´t think I´m cray. I had completely forgotten about it so when I found it, it felt like Christmas eve 🙂


This is exiting; now I can check if Jon reds the blog or not. If he does, he´ll probably mention it. But then again; why should I expect someone to read about something they are not that interested in. So I won’t expect that. But it does make med happy when when he looks at and likes the things I make 🙂

Weekend soon 🙂 Good night everybody.